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Retail - Inventory Management Systems

Inventory Management System for Retail

Optemizer Inventory Management Solution and Automated
Ordering System

Margin Management

Analyse the full impact of price updates before applying them. In one screen, the Margin Manager Worksheet allows you to see the Item, Sub Group and Customer Price Levels.

For a given update, see the change in the total stock value (referred to as 'What If') if the price update is committed. As you make adjustments to the price update, the 'What If' is recalculated for each line.

For extra efficiency, products can be added to existing Price Updates and Price Levels can be edited, all in
the same worksheet.

Automated Ordering System

Maximise your cash flow and prevent overstocking with Optemizer's Scientific Buying (SciBuy) module. SciBuy is your inventory management solution which takes the guesswork out of setting stock levels.

Using actual sales data and Pacsoft's unique logic, it generates recommended order quantities to meet projected sales. Suggested Order Quantities accurately satisfy forecast demand, increasing stock turnover and minimising out of stock situations (and therefore lost sales).

When used in conjunction with Automatic Ordering, SciBuy saves you time and money.

Fast Goods in Process

Take processing goods to another level. Quickly scan items received into the system and automatically compare the delivery times to what you were expecting.

Move products into your store or warehouse and ensure they're ready for sale faster than ever before!

Full Stocktake Processes

Stocktakes have never been easier! Keep your stock information up-to-date and accurate.

Using Pacsoft's mobile devices and our stock taking processes you can count stock and keep on top of your inventory. You can scan multiple items and drop them into your system for quick, easy and up-to-date stock levels.

Increase ROI/ Decrease Costs

Use Pacsoft's unique inventory management software called SciBuy to keep stock levels at the right level all year round. Based on your prior sales history, SciBuy will advise what to buy, when to buy it and in what quantities.

Our Optemizer solution will help you increase stock turnovers and better manage your stock levels. Excess stock inventory will be a thing of the past!

For more ideas on how to save time and money speak to one of our Consultants today.

Import Costing

In any business, large or small, it's important to ensure that the cost of goods reflects your true costs. Our Import Costing solution ensures all cost components are taken into account, including rebates, freight and international tariffs.