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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Alan Kay at a 1971 meeting of Xerox PARC


per square foot

With average sales per square foot of $6,000, double that of Tiffany & Co, the envy of any retailer, Apple showed that the adoption of mobile technology to create multiple touch points and embracing forward thinking was crucial to the future success of all retailers.


top objectives

After studying Apple’s success, we focused on 3 core objectives;

1. To slash your operating costs

2. Grow your sales through increased reach

3. Help you attract and retain the best talent



With a team of 17 highly qualified developers, utilizing the latest tools, we set about redefining the retail technology experience for hardware & lumber retailers. No expense has beeen spared to deliver you the future today.


If you can hail a cab, and you can make dinner reservations with this cool technology you should have that same expectation at work. And with the new iOpt applications you can do that.

The power of iOpt is not just taking the classic desktop user experience and pushing it out to a mobile device. Its re-imagining work on a mobile device. Just like you would send someone a text message your ordering and receipting inventory, managing prices and not having to go back to your desk to do it.

The war for talent is here and it’s now. If you’re not investing in the latest tools and technology to help them do their job they’ll go to a company that does.

Just that shift to be able to do things mobile, it’s on, it’s available, it’s immediate. Whether it’s winning more sales or servicing your customer you do what you naturally want to do which is delight your customer.

mobile inventory & analytics

the slickest POS ever created

mobile POS in-store and in-field



iOpt Concierge - outsource your

IT = no computer hassles and

huge cost savings


servers & software

No need for costly in-store servers and databases that range from $10,000 - $30,000 every 3 years. They are replaced by secure hosting with high performance automatic load balancing that grows with your business.


power & backup drives

Without the need for servers and as many workstations due to mobile devices, save on average between $2,000 to $8,000 a year on your power bill and 5-30 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

iOpt Concierge handles all your backup needs securely in the cloud as part of the service, saving you $1,500 a year in drives.



No more paying people to stay back and perform inventory counts or end of days, end of weeks, end of months and statement runs. The team at Concierge handle it all for you.

"Our store has $1.8m of inventory and can take until midnight to stocktake, this year most counting was complete by 5pm saving plenty of wages."

Banner Hardware



star service

The team at iOpt Concierge, your virtual assistant, ensure your experience is like checking into a 5 star resort. Your data is backed up in multiple locations to ensure it’s always safe and the risk of hacking, which is growing with the rise in terrorism, is virtually eliminated more..



iOpt POS has it’s own built in redundancy, just like operating your email offline and syncing when a connection becomes available. Ensuring you are never down and the process is as seamless as your email. Priceless!


customer care

Live 24 X 7 help desk support.

Free iOpt software upgrades.

Remote automatic updates.

Access to iOpt education portal.

Monthly newsletters & tips.

VIP service includes:

•Daily backups

•End of week

•End of month rollover

•End of month statements

•Inventory recommendations


Kelly Rodarmel discusses iReports with Andrew Darbyshire

Craig's Do It Best Hardware


From the first time we met at the May Market this past year, I saw what the possibilities could be with your company to actually be able to work outside the walls of my business to be able to handle daily operations, see the sales figures for the day and be able to make changes from my phone or tablet. It made me tingly with excitement!

With any computer system one of your many concerns is tech support and I can tell you my experience with the installation has been wonderful. Having Phil on site for a week of installation & training was great.

Customer Care are a pleasure to talk too, I don't need to be transferred to someone else who might have the answer they worked with me from beginning to end. It has been a long time since I have felt like I was a priority!

The ease of your point of sale program is wonderful, even though it is completely different from what I’m used to using it is very easy to learn. I have a 72 year old part-time employee that struggled with my old POS System, I was concerned about switching. With your POS system he was able to operate the cash station very quickly & easily. He loves the new system.

Anytime you make changes to any part of your business especially major changes it brings up many concerns & nervousness. With the help of your staff, you have tailored your program towards our individual needs. Our needs may not be the same as what others need, as a store owner that is priceless.

Jennifer & Craig Humphries @ Craig’s Hardware

Garner Building Supply


“Optemizer’s mobile applications have put us years ahead of the competition in service and efficiency, with significant savings in time & money.”

Landon Garner, Owner, Garner Building Supply



We make our customers money by improving their efficiency & profit


ways to increase your reach

  1. Self-serve checkout for account & credit card sales.
  2. In-store mobile POS on iPod.
  3. E-commerce website for account customers to produce quotes and orders, enquire on transactions and retail shop front more..
  4. Infield App, places POS in your customers hands when & where they need it to create quotes & place orders.


revolutionary apps

For iPad

•Inventory is a full featured inventory control app that maintains; items, purchase orders, pricing and promotions.

•CRM for your salesforce.

•iReports allows you to view any report anytime anywhere, drill- down to the source transaction from the management dashboard.

For iPod & iPhone

•View – iReports for iPhone.

•Infield - POS for your customers.

•POS - yard sales & line busting.

•Pricer captures competitor pricing into your system.

•Delivery controls your driver delivery schedules, validates delivery, captures signatures and tracks your truck(s) location.

•Picker speeds up customer order picking & truck loading.

The current generation have grown up on apps and expect the convenience of them as a way of life.


iOpt enterprise core modules

•POS that includes full offline redundancy & touch technology, ROA’s, customer display & signature capture, programmable quick-picks, Watcher integration, integrated EFTPOS; Element, RBS Worldpay, PCEFTPO, runs on PC or Mac.

•Receivables & Loyalty.

•Payables & cash flow control.

•Multi-location inventory.

•Full featured General Ledger.

•Quoting with all the complexities needed for contractor bids.

•Customer & Special Orders.

•Scibuy seasonal forecasting.

•Full lumber inventory - tally, sheet, cubic, pack, BF, LF, LM, M3.

•Rental is integral to the system.

•Self-serve checkout.

•Web shop front.

•PDFMail documents.

•E-commerce account portal.

•TrendFinder data visualisation.

•Supplier communications.

•Audits track every field change.

•User security controls access.


If you are a growing business iOpt Enterprise is the right fit for you. We only work with professionals who wish to grow their businesses.

10 reasons why you'll love iOpt Concierge & Enterprise

  1. Zero downtime thanks to fully redundant modern POS, that can also operate in self-serve checkout mode for account and credit cards.
  2. Stay in control with mobile business intelligence.
  3. No more over or under ordering with Scibuy seasonality forecasting.
  4. Concierge - your virtual assistant who saves you time & money more..
  5. Save time with faster inventory counts.
  6. Improve margins with unlimited item pricing control.
  7. Piece of mind user security and maintain total visibility across staff actions with built-in auditing.
  8. Attract and retain the best talent through the adoption of the latest forward thinking technology.
  9. Grow sales thru mobile POS, self-serve checkout, online store & InField app.
  10. Improve customer satisfaction through online customer portal more..

At Pacsoft


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